Scholarships for Women in IT & Engineering

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ITWomen - Women working across technology

Supporting More Girls and Women in IT and Engineering

Our mission is to increase the number of girls and women in the fields of technology and engineering and to provide professional development, student education and scholarships through a supportive network.


Role Model Speakers reach girls in middle school and up. Share how you started in IT or engineering and be the spark that could change the course of a girl’s life. You will love the experience.


Help more girls realize a future in IT and engineering and change how the world is made. Highly praised ITWomen programs work and help narrow the gender gap.


Keep growing and leading. ITWomen’s multi-generational network provides mutual support and professional development to navigate your career through all of life’s changes.

Over $500,000 in Scholarships Raised to Date

florida_map-transITWomen helps young women from South Florida high schools pursue STEM degrees for careers in Technology and Engineering. Our scholarship winners are studying or have graduated from universities throughout Florida and beyond, including: Embry Riddle, FAU, FIT, FIU, FSU, Miami-Dade, Nova, UCF, UF, USF, UM, Harvard, MIT, Mount Holyoke, Northeastern, Stanford, University of Tennessee, Penn State, Princeton, Purdue, Tuskegee and more.

“I promise you will be surprised at the number of opportunities open to you in technology.”

Madisen Farley

User Experience (UX) Analyst, Citrix intern , Madisen was inspired to pursue a career in IT during an ITWomen Field Trip at Citrix during high school. She is now a Citrix intern and is giving back as an ITWomen Role Model speaker and social media and multimedia project leader.